Tropical Butterflies

Butterfly 1

Not sure on the flavour of this one…



Just missing the rum!! 



We are pretty sure this is a Malachite Butterfly, Correct us if we are wrong in the comments box.



Similar to a Doris Longwing!



Beautiful iridescent blue colouring on the inside of wings



4 responses to “Tropical Butterflies

  1. Wonderful stuff Maz, you have a natural eye for natural beauty; at many levels.

  2. Maz – I am not joking you are truly amazing – I need to pick your brains in the future as I want to set up a web site for my paintings as I am going to semi retire – do you or Chez have any suggestions for a name for a website – I have thought of Silverback Gallery – any ideas welcome – love to you and Chez x Chico

    • I have a friend who is a business web host designer, he could help you?! Chez set this one up for me with word press.. I like the name silverback galleries…. Xx

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